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We have partnered with other experts for a number of books on various topics relating to personal development to inspire, heal, nourish and support others in taking their empowered steps in their journey. Find out more about our books here.

Messages to My Younger Self: Messages to Nourish and Heal the Soul

Imagine receiving a message that would support you in making a life-changing decision? At some time in your life, you probably uttered the words “I wish I knew that when I was younger!” You may have looked at your life wondering what it would be like if only you had known a particular thing.

The vision of this book came about as a result of a conversation between the two Co-Founders of Carnelian Moon Publishing. They were talking about introducing a special series of books to share lessons learned to a younger generation and future generations, kind of leaving a legacy behind through worlds. There are so many lessons that they were sharing with each other which were so powerful and they both said “imagine if we knew that when we were younger?” From that conversation, the Legacy Collection was born. This is the very first book in the Legacy Collection Series where everyday people, just like you, share their special messages of intimate wisdom that they wished they knew when they were younger that they know would have supported various choices in their own lives.

Each of the authors who have shared in the book has done the same at one point or another in their own lives. They share their intimate messages that they wished they knew when they were younger to support you in your own journey. These messages cover various areas of life, sharing messages of advice, support, hope, inspiration, empowerment, love, and so much more. This book is one that can be read time and again to receive the message that is needed at that moment in time so be prepared to open it up and know that the message you read is the message that is needed to support your heart and soul at that time.

This book is a gift from the heart of every author who has shared within the pages to your heart. Be open to the possibilities as you embrace all that awaits you and know that you are never alone in your journey.

Behind those Heels: Ten Powerful Messages to Inspire and Ignite Change

Extraordinary lives are born from journeys filled with significant challenges.

– ending up in the back seat of the police car bare feet;
– living in your car with your partner and pets after becoming homeless;
– struggling with your weight for your entire life.

In this very first Behind those Heels book in the series, we have compiled the journey of ten women who are enjoying extraordinary success following some tough challenges. These ten powerful messages are being shared to inspire and ignite change for every reader. The authors have shared from a place of transparency and authenticity to support your own transformation.

This book was created to positively impact the lives of people who are currently facing challenges as well as those who will face various challenges in the future. As well as stories, there are strategies shared to support you in claiming your inner power and taking your empowered action too.

The book speaks to the hearts and souls of women around the world who will relate to the stories shared by the authors who have poured themselves into sharing their courageous journey. You are reminded through the pages of this book that you are never alone and that you too have your own Behind those Heels story. Are you ready to share yours?

The stories in this book have been compiled by the Behind those Heels Movement www.behindthoseheels.com. The authors have each shared their stories on the behind those Heels podcast at www.behindthoseheels.com/podcast.

Manifested Blessings: Everyday People Share Their Manifesting Stories & Secrets

Manifested Blessings is a collection of short stories from everyday people who share their manifesting stories and secrets. From physical healing to guidance in the direction of goals and life purpose, and more, Manifested Blessings shares with readers the true-life stories of that have impacted real-life people.

The Power of Your Inner Brilliance: Stories of Self-Love, Self-Worth & Inner Confidence

We describe your Inner Brilliance as the diamond of your soul. The part of you that you bury so deep within you, hidden away from everyone, in an attempt to protect yourself from being hurt. The eight stories shared within this book are the gifts of the co-authors who have joined forces to support you in truly reigniting your own inner brilliance, brushing yourself off and giving yourself permission to shine brighter than ever before.

The beauty of these eight stories shared within this book is that the eight female leaders who have shared actual experiences of how they reignited their inner brilliance by embracing their self-love, self-worth and inner confidence. The stories shared to remind you that:
– You are good enough, you always have been and you always will be;
– You have always belonged and your tribe is waiting for you;
– You didn’t fail, you only gained feedback;
– You are worthy of achieving everything your heart desires;
– You deserve the love that your heart desires.
– and so much more.

These eight inspirational female leaders from four countries have come together on a soul mission to support others around the world to be healed by their stories, their journeys, and their message which has resulted in a magical experience for the readers. They have exposed themselves for the very first time, sharing some of their most intimate stories allowing you to see themselves in their brilliance. They share compelling stories, experiences, wisdom, and truth to support you in stepping through your own personal challenge you may be facing right now to support you in embracing your own inner brilliance.

The powerful messages support the reader in reconnecting with self-love, self-worth and inner confidence as you courageously decide to embrace your brilliance fully.

Remember, you are brilliant, you always have been and you always will be brilliant.

GIVING BACK – 40% of all sales for this book are being donated to various charities around the world, supporting the positive impact for women, including the Donna Marie Foundation.

Women of Courage Book Cover.
Women of Courage and Women of Destiny: Moving from Fear to Faith to Freedom

Imagine living your life without feelings of anxiety, worry, or crippling fear. Imagine feeling confident in who you are so much so that you allow yourself to fully be seen, heard, and experienced in every area of your life as well as in your business.

Imagine feeling and being so confident that you have no fears about being rejected, judged, or abandoned. Instead, you are free to be fully expressed in your gifts, talents, abilities, dreams, and desires. What an amazing life we would all live if we were courageous enough to move through our fears, develop unshakeable faith that leads us to continually experience our divine birthright…freedom.

Whether is speaking on a stage, or moving beyond your comfort zone, or climbing a mountain, or letting go of old beliefs, this book will empower you to make a new decision in becoming a woman of courage, a woman of destiny.

Each chapter will move you through experiences of fear, the journey of finding faith in God and one’s self, and the prize that comes from enduring to the end and finally feeling and being free enough to change the course of destiny.

Grab your favorite tea, relax, and be inspired!