Gifts Received From Our Clients Hearts!

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou


“Debbie’s coaching style, energy and activities have encouraged me to see myself in a different light. From day one, Debbie allowed me to be vulnerable, successful, unsure, scared, nervous and excited. After each session I felt a burst of energy and confidence come over me. I have truly become a better version of myself as a result of coaching with Debbie. If you are looking for a person that can help unlock the door to your self-belief and empowerment – Debbie is for you!”

Selina Binfield​

Learning & Development Manager, Princes Trust, United Kingdom

Client of – 3 Month Executive Coaching Program provided to Princes Trust Senior Managers

Laura Atyeo

Musician, Therapist, Entrepreneur, United Kingdom

Client of – 6 Month Embrace the True Brilliance in Your Business Mentoring

“Debbie, your coaching experience has had many and varied HUGE benefits in my life. Since we started in late March ’18 I have set up my new business providing creative musical services to enhance joy, connection and confidence in my clients and I don’t think I would have done it yet without your help and your unwavering faith in my abilities.

I have embraced my lifelong passion of music and got my Grade 4 violin and joined two orchestras so I am meeting like-minded individuals who will help spur me on further. If I hadn’t committed to my business plan then I wouldn’t have managed this either – or not for years.

I have stood up in front of others to play violin and to sing, the idea of which would have given me palpitations before, but you have supported me beautifully through all of it. The best part is getting to interact with others and seeing the positive impact I am having in their lives. Again, I am very grateful to you for your part in making this happen.

I have learned so much from you in terms of creating a business blueprint, defining my vision and achievable but inspiring goals in the short and longer term. This helped not only my business but my husband’s as well as I helped him launch his business in summer 2018, which is growing steadily as we speak.

You have helped me feel confident in being a Mum. I can’t thank you enough for that. I love my boys with all my heart and they have so much love and promise in them that I want to do my absolute best for them and your steadfast support and the inspiring way you have engaged with me was such a tonic

I’ve learned to let go of a lot of baggage from my past and worrying about what others think. I’ve learned to share my truth about who I am. I know I will continue to have a great impact for good because I want to be authentic – and I am being authentic. I think you have helped me arrive at this in more quickly and more comfortably than if I hadn’t had your support. 

You always honoured who I was exactly how I am and I have since learned to value in myself not just what is hard-won and difficult (e.g. getting degrees, consultancy business) but what comes easily to me too: making someone else smile, enabling others to feel empowered to express themselves. I have lots of tools now to keep getting out there, growing my business and helping our family to thrive. 

Thank you so so much for always being present, for ‘showing up’, sharing who you are and what you know and seeing right from the start what I was really capable of.”

“I was a newly qualified coach and had had coaching sessions before. I am aware of the power of coaching and felt as though I needed to conquer my limiting beliefs before progressing to coach others. However, my ‘enough is enough’ moment was when I was told that I am ‘doing too much’ with my clients at work. I was using my coaching skills to move young people forward with regards to their self-esteem and confidence, I was told that this was too much work! It made me realise that my dream of coaching and helping other people is something that I need to do and not everyone will understand this. I needed to be true to me and have the confidence to work towards my goals.

Since my coaching sessions with Debbie, I have been much happier. I have started my own private coaching practice working with one to one clients as well as being involved with training and group coaching. It has been far from easy, but I believe that the level of confidence I now have has enabled me to keep motivated and to continue to persevere. I believe in myself and my abilities so much more now, I also have a huge goal that I am currently working towards. I feel as though I am living as I am supposed to be, without limiting myself.

One of my favourite aspects of coaching with Debbie was her approach. Debbie is a fantastic coach and is very skilled at what she does, she was able to provide a nurturing environment where I felt comfortable to open up about many different things. However, Debbie was tough where she needed to be, pushing me through boundaries that I had created for myself. Without this approach, I would’ve stayed where I was, not only physically but mentally as well. I have also enjoyed my increase in confidence and self-esteem which is down to the coaching that I received.”

Akiela B

Life Coach, West Midlands, UK

Angélique Miralles

Owner and Coach, A.M. Coaching & Leadership Development, France


Client of – 6 Month Embrace Your True Brilliance Program

“Debbie’s coaching provided an amazing thinking partnership and support with an industry peer who has walked the same path.

I strongly believe that the work Debbie is doing with me will be useful to many other coaches/consultants who are starting up/expanding their ventures.

My sessions with Debbie were power-packed with insightful conversations and clarity of thought. She was genuinely interested in me as a person and my business growth aspirations. Debbie is generous in sharing her knowledge and with her time. I like the positive approach and action orientation she brought to the meetings and helped me set clear tasks for myself to move forward.”

“Debbie is a truly wonderful and transformational coach. Through her warmth, positive attitude and kindness she has fully supported me in unlocking my full potential but not only. Thanks to our coaching sessions, I have stepped into my BIG ME and am increasingly operating from there. As a result, I am even more assertive, focused and attract contacts and contracts that are in line with who I am and what I care about.


Life Coach, India