Giving Back

Here at the Inner Brilliance Academy, we are passionate about supporting families, through our work with women and men, in developing their inner brilliance, we are also impacting the lives of the children who look up to them as matriarchs and patriarchs, whatever their role – parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, etc.

Our work, impacts families, communities and ultimately the world.

We are committed to creating ripple effect and touching the hearts, minds, souls and spirits of not just our clients and participants in our online programs, we are committed to creating mentors for others.

Currently Supporting

When you are successfully living your purpose,  doing what you are passionate about and sharing your story from a place of truth, you inspire those around you to live their best life.

The Academy commits to partnering with various organizations to support initiatives that we are passionate about. Our activities are two fold:

  • Providing Voluntary Services

Providing voluntary services to others through our work by supporting various organizations. We are currently coaching members of the Management Team at The Princes Trust in the United Kingdom.

  • Financial Contribution

We donate 40% of our book sales for our book The Power of Your Inner Brilliance to various organisations supporting women and children.

The Academy will direct 10% of our annual revenue to selected organizations to support them in their initiatives in supporting vulnerable groups around the world, including:

      • Protection against domestic violence and other forms of violence against women
      • Child cruelty, including sexual and emotional abuse
      • Healthcare with the focus on mental health, cancer prevention, cleft lip and more
      • Reducing global poverty
      • Education for girls globally

If you are a registered charitable organization who is seeking support from the Inner Brilliance Academy, please email us at [email protected].