Your Steps to Surrendering

Surrendering is one of the most powerful actions that you can take in your life. Although it is often perceived very negatively. When we think of surrendering, we think of giving up on the fight. Even though, sometimes, the fight is with ourselves. Sometimes, although surrendering is seen as relating to there being a battle, what if you are just surrendering to GUS (God, Universe, Source)? Sometimes you are surrendering to just how life is meant to play out.

Have you experienced a moment in time where you wanted something so badly? You may have been doing everything to support the manifestation of what you are bringing into life, yet it just doesn’t happen. Then, the moment you decide to just see how things work out because you just cannot ‘fight’ (notice the words we use to ourselves) …. we just can’t “fight” anymore, so we give up. What we are doing in that moment isn’t giving up … it’s actually SURRENDERING!

Can you recall a moment like that in your own life? I bet you can, because we all have experiences like these when we feel that we have given up, only for things to work out exactly as we had hoped or even planned.

You may have read about the power of surrendering and the benefits of surrendering in previous articles, and you are wondering how exactly do you surrender? 

Through the years of coaching and mentoring hundreds of clients, both female and male, I have identified a number of steps in the process of surrendering, most of my clients and myself, because I have been through many occasions where I have surrendered myself to GUS knowing that my back is well and truly covered always. For you, some of the steps shared below will feel aligned and others may feel uncomfortable to the point that you couldn’t see yourself even trying it. I invite you to try things that you may not have previously done and allow yourself to be guided by your intuition. 

Please know that there is no specific order.

1 - Release

Let go of that which no longer serves you. Release yourself of any limitations regarding you surrendering, whatever you are creating requires the space to manifest in divine timing. 

2 - Believe

Undeniable Believe in Self and a Higher Power, for me that’s God – Reaffirm your faith in yourself and your Higher Power, knowing that you fully trust that the path you are on is exactly where you are required to be.

3 - Nourish Your Soul

Take time out doing something nourishing to your soul, even when you have a long to-do list by:

  • Rest your mind, body, and spirit; 
  • Meditation; 
  • Gratitude Journaling; 
  • Ground yourself in nature by stepping outside bare feet; 
  • A day for yourself doing something fun and uplifting – meeting friends, playing with your children, watching a funny movie.

4 - Support Your Energy

Support your mood and spirit – diffuse essential oils or apply a good brand essential oil topically – a beautiful blend of oranges, frankincense and bergamot. 

5 - Embrace Your Feelings

Acknowledge your feelings – taking time out to rest or have fun will raise a lot of discomfort for you at first as it feels like you are negating on your responsibilities. Acknowledge the feelings and remind yourself that you operate best when you are in your powerful state and the result of surrendering is power.

In surrendering, we are letting go, letting go of things that keep us stuck, stale and unhappy, that we have given far too much attention in the past.  Things that you have focused on a bit too much.  In order to really shine, you need to be able to clear that pathway so you can move on and be in your brilliance. 

Surrendering is all about taking the time needed to be still, receiving support, stepping back from the situations. Give yourself the amazing gift of just surrendering and being still with yourself. 

One of my favorite quotes: If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you will keep on getting what you’ve always got!’ says it as it is. We all have a choice, continue to do the things you always do or take your first step to make a difference and feel BRILLIANT! 

About the Author 

Debbie Belnavis-Brimble is your Inner Brilliance Coach and Business Mentor, #1 International Best-Selling Author, Empowerment Speaker, and Founder of the Inner Brilliance Academy. 

She accompanies women around the globe on their journey who are ready to embrace their true brilliance by deciding to become awaken to who they are truly meant to be, in the most authentic way. Women who are ready to take the leap into living a life of purpose, doing what they are passionate about, and knowing that they have limitless possibilities available to them. 

She inspires brilliant women to be empowered and step into a life that is truly in alignment with their values, without limiting themselves, restoring their love for themselves, and creating a crystal clear vision of the future.   

She honors all feminine leaders who are ready to be the creator of their own experiences and step into their power in the most authentic way. 

Be Brilliant, Be True, Be Boldly You!